Deutsch Connectors

Deutsch Connectors

Deutsch Connectors

DEUTSCH industrial environmentally sealed electrical connectors and connector kits are for critical applications and are designed to withstand the harshest and most challenging environments.

Deutsch AEC Series Connectors:

DEUTSCH AEC Series connectors are environmentally sealed, heavy duty electrical connectors that accept size 16 contacts. The AEC Series connectors are constructed of heavy duty thermoplastic and offer receptacles with either in-line or PCB mounting options.

Deutsch DRB Series Connectors:

The DRB Series connectors are heavy duty connectors ideal for bulkhead applications. They are designed to accommodate multiple wire gauges and feature high pin counts, including 48, 60, 102, and 128 cavities. To increase the design flexibility, the DRB Se- ries offers several mounting flange options and wire arrangements. The DRB Series is perfectly suited to on and off highway applications, marine, industrial, and agriculture markets in harsh environments.

Deutsch DRC Series Connectors:

The environmentally sealed DRC Series is a rectangular connector series that offers insert arrangements of 24, 40, 50, 60, 64, 70, 76, and 80 cavities and accept size 12, 16, and 20 contacts. Several mounting options are available including in-line, flange mount, and PCB mount.

Deutsch DT Series Connectors:

DEUTSCH DT Series connectors offer field proven reliability and rugged quality. The DT design strengths include optional flange mounting, multi-pin arrangements, lower cost, and design flexibility. The DT Series offers the designer the ability to use multiple size 16 contacts, each with 13 amp continuous capacity, within a single shell.

Deutsch DTHD Series Connectors:

DTHD connectors are single terminal connectors for heavy duty applications. Easy to install, environmentally sealed and compact in size, they are a simple, field serviceable alternative to a splice. DTHD connectors are available in three sizes, carry 25 to 100 amps, and can be mounted or used in-line.

Deutsch DTM Series Connectors:

DEUTSCH DTM Series connectors are the answer to all of your smaller wire gauge applications. Building on the DT design strengths, the DTM connector line was developed to fill the need for lower amperage, multi- pin, inexpensive connectors. The DTM Series offers the designer the ability to use multiple size 20 contacts, each with 7.5 amp continuous capacity, within a single shell.

Deutsch DTP Series Connectors:

DEUTSCH DTP Series connectors are the solution for your power application requirements. Building on both the DT and DTM design strengths, the DTP connector line was developed to fill the need for higher amperage, multi-pin, inexpensive connectors.

The DTP Series offers the designer the ability to use multiple size 12 contacts, each with a 25 amp continuous capacity, within a single shell. The DTP connectors are currently available in two and four pin configurations.

Deutsch DTV Series Connectors:

DEUTSCH DTV Series connectors offer the same time tested reliability and performance as the DT Series, with the added flexibility of an 18 cavity flanged design.

Deutsch HD10 Series Connectors:

The HD10 is an environmentally sealed, thermoplastic cylindrical connector series and offers arrangements from 3 to 9 cavities. All HD10 connectors are available either in-line or flanged and accept size 12 or 16 contacts, or a combination of size 16 and size 4 contacts. The HD10 Series is heavily used for diagnostic connectors, eliminates problems associated with assembly and maintenance time, and is designed for long service life.

Deutsch HD30 Series Connectors:

DEUTSCH HD30 Series connectors are constructed from a metal shell developed to meet the needs of the heavy duty equipment and transportation industries. The HD30 features include quick connect-disconnect bayonet cou- pling, single hole bulkhead mounting, silicone seals, and a rear insertion/rear removal contact system.

Deutsch HDP20 Series Connectors:

The HDP20 Series is a heavy duty rated, environmentally sealed, composite shell, multi-pin connector. The composite thermoplastic shell is ideal in applications where chemicals can damage a connector housing. HDP20 features quick connect-disconnect bayonet coupling, single hole bulkhead mounting, silicone seals, and a rear insertion/rear removal contact system.

Deutsch EEC Boxes:

TE Connectivity offers compact DEUTSCH circuit board enclosures that accept snap-in headers. The enclosure features a through hole mounting flange on each side, as well as optional venting. Designed with space to accommodate one or more DT or DTM Series interfaces, the headers feature 90° pins. A radial flange seal provides environmental sealing to the enclosure. The headers mate with the DT and DTM standard plugs.

Deutsch Strike Series:

The STRIKE connector series features a lever lock system and is designed for heavy duty equipment applications. The environmentally sealed series offers two different size rugged housings that accept contacts from size 20 to 16 with arrangements of 32 and 64 cavities. The lever lock combined with varying cavity arrangements allows the STRIKE Series connectors to offer flexible options for electrical designs.

Deutsch Tooling:

TE Connectivity offers several types of tools to assist with hand and production wire crimping. The tools are specific to the solid contacts or the stamped & formed contacts. To ensure a proper crimp and achieve the highest performance specifications, DEUTSCH contacts must be crimped with DEUTSCH tooling. Proper parts, procedures, and tooling must be used.

Deutsch Contacts:

Several contacts are used interchangeably across most connector product lines. This commonality improves performance, reliability, and maintainability by reducing changes in the assembly of the wire harness. The use of the same contact systems eliminates many of the failures reported in harnesses where hundreds of different terminations are used. The solid contacts are designed for use with larger wire size and heavy-duty applications. Stamped & formed contacts are designed for use where wire termination costs are of primary concern without sacrificing reliability of electrical circuits.

Deutsch Connector Kits:

We supply Deutsch connector kits suited to your application including Deutsch DT Connector Kits, Deutsch DTM Connector Kits, Deutsch HD10 Connector Kits, Deutsch HD30 Connector Kits and Deutsch HDP20 Connector Kits.

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